The CustomerEngagementPlatform

Delivering enhanced, personalised experiences for your customers

Veribli creates smart products and smart packaging through RFID and QR-code technology delivering rich content directly to your consumers through a simple tap of a mobile phone.

  • Creates instant, direct channels with customers
  • Reward customers and promotes engagement using Veribli Rewards on a green blockchain.
  • Enables Circular economy of reuse, repair & recycle
  • Presents verified Sustainability / CSR
  • Creates smart Packaging and smart products
  • Uses big data to enhance marketing
  • Pritects brands with Anti-Counterfeit / Anti-Theft Technology

With Veribli, there are endless possibilities.

Let us show you some of the possibilities!

Customer Engagement

  • Does the relationship with your customer end with a sale?
  • What if it was just the start?
  • What if you had a direct channel to individual customers?
  • What if you could build a community of customers around product?
  • What if you could engage with and incentivise customers to become brand ambassadors using easy micro-rewards?

Powerful right?

With Veribli SmartTech and Veribli Rewards you can build this strong and loyal customer engagement.

Let us show you the
power of Veribli!


  • Verified carbon footprint
  • Verified materials usage and recyclability claims
  • Verified CSR
  • Enables a circular economy system for refill, repair and recycle
  • Allows access to a green blockchain to provide return credits
  • Enables supply chain tracking
Let us show you how!

Brand Protection

  • Anti-counterfeiting smart technology cannot be faked or cloned
  • Embedded RFID with our Veribli security algorithm gives 100% authentication
  • Prevents brand damage from fake and counterfeit items
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Authentication remains for the life of the product and can be leveraged for aftersales
  • Items are tracked for customers through anti-theft technology
Let us show you how we can help
protect your brand


  • Create an instant and direct channel to individual customers through smart packaging
  • Brand messaging
  • Build and deliver rich content on our platforms tag builder
  • Create social communities around your products
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell as well as drive follow-on sales
  • Bespoke messaging to a customer’s profile through access to our data lake.
Let us show you how we help
engage customers with your brand!

Big Data

  • Know your customer
  • AI engine provides profiled data about customers who interact with your product
  • Bespoke messaging, offers and content to those customer profiles
  • Anonymised product purchase history
Let us show you how!

Endless Possibilities

Veribli is a platform with ready-made functions to help your journey. Build what you imagine, build what your brand needs and access and display your external data through API functions.

  • A marketing tool?
  • A tool to drive a reuse/refill ecosystem?
  • A tool to create new revenue streams from repair and aftersales?
  • A tool to drive social engagement?
  • A sales tool?
  • An Anti-counterfeiting device?
  • A customer support portal?
  • A supply chain tracking system

Veribli is all these things and more...

Let us show you some of the possibilities!

Working with

We are proud to be working alongside industry leaders on our journey. A selection of them are below.