About Us

Get to know us and relive our journey…

Veribli has evolved from a background innovating systems for massive asset tracking systems in a circular supply chain.

Our expertise in mass identification of assets and our innovation of new RFID technologies linked with our desire to address some of the issues around sustainability brought us to Veribli

In September 2022 we won an innovate UK competition to develop the core Veribli system and launched it at Tech week Humber on the 8th November 2022.

Our system is designed to enable a circular economy approach of reuse, refill, resell and recycle. In order for the circular economy model to work, we must provide tangible benefits for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

We believe that where this falls down is at the consumer, unless the consumer is incentivised to play their part, the whole system fails.

Veribli solves this for brands, allowing them to engage in many ways with their customers enabled by our smart technology.

The Team

Working from our offices in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK, we are highly experienced, innovative team of marketing specialists, sustainability experts, systems designers, software engineers, designers and RFID experts.

Our collective passion is to make the world a better place for all. We are doing so through carefully thought-out technology for good.

With Veribli we are seamlessly linking products and technology, creating both smart products and smart packaging that can deliver tangible benefits for both consumer and brand.

Our drive is to create systems that enable a sustainable future, both for environmental factors through the delivery of the reuse, renew, recycle circular economy ecosystem, accessibility for all users, especially if they are vision or hearing impaired, or like our CEO need information presenting clearly for a range of Neurodiverse reasons and sustainable businesses, allowing brands to know their customers and protect them from often dangerous counterfeit products.



We will always strive for honest, ethical business.


We are driven to deliver the best for our clients and have a passion for ethical and sustainable business practices.


Is at the core of our offering, environmental sustainability, accessibility for all and sustainable business practices drive everything we do.


We never stand still, we are innovators. Listening to the needs of our clients, we are always moving Veribli to the next level.

Mission Statement

To enable a change to a sustainable, ethical and accessible future, through technology for good.

  • Verified carbon footprint
  • Verified materials usage and recyclability claims
  • Verified CSR
  • Enables a circular economy system for refill, repair and recycle
  • Allows access to a green blockchain to provide return credits
  • Enables supply chain tracking