The Platform

Imagine a world where all products are connected, imagine endless possibilities…

With Veribli, imagine no more…

Veribli is built as a platform, one which you can either use out of the box with pre-made functions and features, or, one that you can easily bespoke to your exact requirements, a system that allows you to dream big and enables you to deliver that dream.

Our page builder platform allows you to:

  1. Create custom content
  2. Use pre-made functions for Reuse, Refill, Repair and Recycle
  3. Access our powerful AI data engine to create custom content for user profiles
  4. Choose to demonstrate your Carbon footprint and CSR credentials
  5. Pull templated content for images, videos and text
  6. Embed interactive content such as games
  7. Easily integrate your social media links
  8. Switch to advanced views and edit code directly
  9. Integrate with APIs to pull external data such as product pricing, images, stock levels, or related products
  10. Integrate with our data pool to deliver custom content to different consumer profiles
  11. Integrate with eternal CRM, support or ERP systems
  12. Integrate our UHF RFID technology into your supply chain